E420 & MD 50mm MANUAL LENS

Posted: November 21, 2014 in ADAPTER, BOKEH, DOF, e420, MANUAL FOCUS LENSES, MD MINOLTA 50mm f2, PHOTOGRAPHY

Olympus E-420 & Minolta MD 50mm f2

Using the MD to 4/3 Adapter.


Back to the DSLR + Adapter + Manual focus lenses “thing”. Tell me sentimental old foul, I just love manual focusing these “full metal jacket” lenses.

Olympus E-420, a nice little DSLR capable of nice results and now days cheap. You can get one for about 100-130 Euro.
I had writen about the MD/NIKON adapter that I used with my D3200 and a Minolta MD 50mm f2.
But that wasnt the first time I used this MD lens with a DSLR body.
Again a cheap ebay bought adapter MD to Olympus 4/3 with less than 10 USD.
This summer was real fun using this compination which I think it resulted to some nice photos. Here are the photos.
“My Son the Sun”

“Secret Path”

In my humble opinion the E420 and the MD Lens handled this beutiful Greek Sunlight perfectly.  The Bokeh is beautiful, also the colours in my eyes have a “creamy” “dreamy” look. Also I have a sense of a retro look, I dont know it might be my eyes. I would like to have your opinion on them.

Also I must point that E420 can do stop metering through this adapter+lenses situation, which is most useful and keeps all the fun in this proccess.
I have many adapters and lenses for my Olympus E420. This collection is going to be one of my next posts and Ithink that it will demonstrate how far you can go with quite a tight budget.
Thanks again for reading.
Happy Shooting
Have a great Weekend
PS.Here is a link to an E-420 Review.

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