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365 Project Day 4

Day 4 Today of the 365 Project. Last week was Tough, time was very limited if terms of opportunities to take quality photos.But that is the meening of the 365 Project you have to make the best out out of every single opportunity you have.
Today I received another OM lens The Super Danubia Multicoated 28mm f2.8. Price 13euro Including Postage…..nice!

I had it with me the whole day, and on my way from office i popped it on my E420 and here is my Day 4 Photo.
Of course this weekend i am gonna test it extensively. So Stay Tuned… 
DAY 4 “Oil Refinery, Scaramangas” E420 & Super Danubia 28mm MV f2.8
Plus Mystery item photo,received today again (4Euros Incl Postage)
“Stay tuned” E420&SUPER DANUBIA