Vivitar MD 28mm f2.5 Auto-Wide Angle ⌀67mm | A 10.51$ Bargain

Posted: December 19, 2014 in D3200, MANUAL FOCUS LENSES, REVIEW, Vivitar MD 28mm f2.5 Auto-Wide Angle ⌀67mm
I recently bought from eBay another Minolta mount lens the Vivitar MD 28mm f2.5 Auto-Wide Angle ⌀67mm, for just 10.51$.

Hey, don’t call me cheap, it was a great bargain. (also had a leather Yashica case and most importantly an original Vivitar 67mm METAL lens hood!!!!)

I wanted another wide angle lens and the provocative look of this lens with the massive front element was a too big temptation.

It is in almost mint condition.The Serial number is 22662109 and that with the fact that the front diameter is 67mm means its a Kiron made lens.

Yes,,this was and still is a very sharp and contrasty lens that even by today’s standards is right up there with the best. It was made back when most things were made to last it seems like forever and the lenses made by Kiron rivaled the brand name camera manufacturers as they were as good or better than theirs.

Most lenses were on the heavy side but back then and Vivitar wanted to catch the Prosumer market and they did just that. They used the best optics they could get and just look at the feel and finish of their lenses. Most of the lenses had larger front elements to let more light in than OEM lenses and that cut the cost a bit. It didn’t mean anything more that that it was a less expencive lens that was as good as some Nikkors.

The Vivitar 28mm f: 2.8 lens is not one of the ones that are collectable but don’t be afraid to use it.It can produce high quality images.

You might be getting better pic’s than brand name lenses.Also remember to keep a 67mm filter on it.

Check this Review of the lens used on a 70D DSLR.

Review Vivitar 28mm f2.5 Wide

Stay tuned for the test shots.


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