Its Alive !! It ain’t Frankenstein is FILM dummy.

Posted: January 11, 2015 in film, PHOTOGRAPHY
I love shooting FILM I love how it looks ,I love how it feels,i love how it smells. I havent tasted it yet 🙂 so I dont have an opinion.
Film is a medium that is around us for over a century and we can have it around us for at least another hundred years.Not because we have to but because we love to. Film photography can help you slow down take a breath and thing don’t just click.You discipline yourself when you shoot and you thrill yourself when you get the results from the lab or self-develop the roll.
For that reason I would like to say thanks to Matt Stuart from In-Public for sharing this short 8-minute film about the resurgence of film photography.

So just go out and try film along with your mobile can,your DSLR or mirror less. Have fun, be creative.


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