Archive for January 24, 2015

 Today, I really wanted to get out and take some photographs. I had loaded two film cameras and my new EPL5 was ready from last night. The weather was not my ally, it was rainy ,low light with wind. But no despair I had to try taking some shots, so later in the morning the weather seemed to calm a bit (only a bit ) and I was able to take some shots with my Olympus OM-10,with its manual adapter. I had loaded a roll of Kodak ProImage 100 colour film that I bought in bulk from Malaysia.
After I took some shots the weather started to deteriorate so I returned and since i was eager to see that I had accomplished I wanted to try develop a colour film in B&W Chemistry I had read that It could be done.
I did a stand development in Rodinal 1:100 and I plan to do more testing in 1:50 and in 1:25. The results were a really dense looking negative that only under light showed an image. After scanning it I had in my hands some images that for sure where usable. I scanned as colour negative and then in LR5 turned into B&W. A bit sharpening and some contrast and highlight manipulation. Some of the results are following. I know that the weather was awfull and the shots where taken under pressure so I have higher expectations for the future testing of this film in B&W chemistry and in C-41.

That is a 1:1 ,half frame crop of the negative scan.