3 Things I’ve Read Last Week

Posted: February 7, 2015 in 3 Things I've Read About Last Week

Stephen Dowling advices to always carry a notebook because “…Digital photographers have the benefit of EXIF data when it comes to editing their work – with a few clicks they can find out the shutter speed and aperture chosen, the ISO, even the time and the exact spot the picture was taken. Shooting film, you have to jot all this stuff down yourself. And you should – when it comes to looking through your pics, you’ll want to know why some shows worked – and why some were failures..”

Read the Article: 52 Photo Tips #4: Always carry a notebook.


Joe Iannandrea writes “How I Learned to Hate Scanning Less” “….the Lomography DigitaLIZA, an alternative negative/transparency carrier with a unique positioning and loading system that among other things is supposed to avoid most of the problems common to other carriers such as the ones I have experienced….”
THREE 3Lance Nicoll explains The Unmotivated Artist: 5 Techniques for Getting Refocused and Re motivated Staying motivated and feeling creative becomes a challenge at some point or another for all us. As professional photographers, we are paid to create inspired work on a daily basis. So how do we fight back when feeling unmotivated and when we are losing that creative spark?”

 Read the Article:The Unmotivated Artist: 5 Techniques for Getting Refocused and Remotivated


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