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Tiffany Mueller talks about  “…The story of Roger Steffens life is undoubtedly spellbinding. The kind of guy that could entertain a crowd for days on end simply talking about all his past adventures. In his memoirs you might encounter the telling of the part of his life he spent working in an army psychological operations unit after being drafted into the Vietnam war, an era that marked the beginning of his love affair with photography. “


Chris Gambat  writes “Though street photographers love to talk about the cameras that they own, they also love geeking out even more about the older cameras that those before them used. While the best camera is the one that you have on you, certain snappers are the ones that discerning street photographers dream of. These cameras are also all film–and it only makes sense. For years, street photographers swore an allegiance to Kodak Tri-X, Ilford Delta 400, and many others that gave them the look that they knew and loved……”


Katherine Brooks writes about “…On October 24, 1946, the world was introduced to the first photograph from space, a shot of our tiny planet taken 65 miles above Earth. The artist behind this iconic image was a V-2 rocket, programmed to capture a frame every 1.5 seconds before delivering a steel cassette of film back to the ground just minutes after it launched. “

 Read the Article: Hundreds Of Unseen NASA Photographs Reveal The Vintage Beauty Of Outer Space

Black Square

Black Square , D3200 & Nikkor MF 35-70mm zoom f:3.5-4.8

When I received my FM10 that was bundled with a Nikkor MF 35-70mm zoom f:3.5-4.8, I had im my mind on trying it with my D3200.

Today I had the opportunity to try it since the weather was quite good. So of we went with my son for a walk down the harbor.

Here are a few shots of the D3200 with the Nikkor MF 35-70mm zoom f:3.5-4.8 , attached


I must note that this lens will not allow stop metering, which can be a hustle for many. Here are some samples of the photos I took.

Black Square

Chasing Shadows

Overall I am happy with the performance under good light,the inability to stop-metering was not helpful. The colors where nice and contrast was good.

For more photos with this setup check my Flickr Album.