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JIM GREY  Writes a post right from his heart about What was and what could be, life lessons and photography.He writes “‘….It was 1990. I was 22 and didn’t know myself yet. Who does at 22? College was less than a year behind me; I had gone to work. Trying to figure out what it meant to be an adult, I mimicked what I saw growing up. My parents went to work come hell or high water, even when sick, even in treacherous weather. The ice storm had blown hard all night. The radio said that roads were dangerous. Dutifully, I drove to work anyway….”

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JR Smith  writes “On Monday, during a staff meeting, I made a reference to Fleetwood Mac. Our 20 year old marketing assistant looked at me with an empty, glassy-eyed stare. She had no idea what I was talking about. Our 40 year old company president was quick to jump in…”They were a rock band in the 70s. Doobie Brothers? The Who? Steely Dan? Jethro Tull?” It wasn’t until he mentioned Led Zeppelin that she had any idea what we were talking about……..”
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Francois Dourlen  is a French photographer who has found the best use for an iPhone yet.While the rest of us spend our days taking selfies, Francois Dourlen has been putting his iPhone to much better use. Using film stills displayed on his iPhone screen, the 31-year-old history teacher from Cherbourg, France, transplants iconic movie scenes and characters into every day situations.

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NIKON F75 (22)

Nikon F75 ,Lucky SHD 100

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