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Here is a Self Portrait, called “Through Broken Glass” its a part of a series of photos of my upcoming post “Urban Decay, Crisis Aftermath“.

Stay Tuned.

Self Portrait,Through Broken Glass



Angelina  At writes a post about 10 reasons to move to Sydney. .She writes “‘….Australia has been rated as one of the top 10 countries in the world to visit on many occasions and on its east coast you will find its most famous city, Sydney.
Sydney is widely known for its paradise beaches and for its multiculturalism, with over 250 languages spoken daily…..”
I may not move to Sydney but I would love to visit it.

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Iberieli  writes in reverse psychology 35 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD not VISIT GEORGIA. He writes actually about the reasons you SHOULD visit Georgia.


Zorki Photo  Writes “Most photographers end up shooting the majority of their pics in bright sunlight. No great mystery there – we have our cameras with us when we’re on holiday or out on bright, sunny days. Photography needs light, and these conditions present us with a feast. But it’s not the best light for photography. Hard, overhead summer sun creates deep black shadows – great, perhaps, if you’re shooting a colourful street scene, but ugly if you’re attempting portraits; the overhead sun creates hard blacks even under eye sockets…..

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“Apocalypto” D3200