3 Things I’ve Read Last Week

Posted: March 28, 2015 in 3 Things I've Read About Last Week


Minh Thein  At her blog writes a post about What makes an interesting image. .She writes “‘….Something is visually interesting if it holds our attention and demands some degree of conscious contemplation or consideration. There can be many reasons for this; most of it has to do with personal biases and preferences – what do you like, subject-wise? What do you like, atmosphere (i.e. light)-wise? Hold this thought for a moment.There are two parts that make up a photograph, or any visual image: the subject, and the presentation. The subject is of course whatever the image is about; what is the focus? What is supposed to draw the attention of the audience. I think this is relatively straightforward, except in cases where the intended subject doesn’t match the obvious one…..” 

Read the Article: What makes an interesting image, part one: subject and presentation


At http://www.slrlounge.com I read an article about RAW Vs JPEG , it was written in 2012 but still was interesting and had visual examples of different situations. 


JR Smith  Writes “…My photography has taken me on a bit of a journey these past five or so years. An adventure that, on occasion, has taken me down a few unexpected roads. Like instant photography. Or shooting the Hasselblad system. Lately, I find the journey has begun to take me right back where I started from…… 

Read the Article: Back Where I Started From.

Eclipse 2015_03_20

“Eclipse” D3200

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