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For one more year the whole family moved to Salamina for the Easter Vacations. First morning walk with my camera 10 minutes later a mix of beautiful captures of nature especial flora. I used my D3200 and my new Nikkor 55-20mm f4.5 VR lens. I am happy with the results.


Easter Nature

Easter Nature

Easter Nature

Easter Nature

Easter Nature

Easter Nature

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Minh Thein  writes a post about Cinematic Look in your photos.. .She writes “‘….One of the most important things for the creation of a cinematic feeling image is control over light: control light and you can control what stands out, the order in which your audience reads an image, and beyond that, how they feel when they view it. This is of course significantly easier to do when the light sources in question are not random: it’s much easier to make a cinematic image with ambient neon than it is with pure sunshine, as there’s just so much more directionality and variation of color. Fortunately, I had a decent amount of both in Tokyo; I’ve always found it to be one of the most easiest cities in which to make these kinds of images for that reason.…..” 

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Leanne Cole writes an article about B&W / Monochrome photography . She says “….The Monochrome Madness challenge has been wonderful, yet I am finding many people feel their own work is not good enough, or they don’t really know, or think they don’t know, how to do monochrome images.  I offered to write a post about it.  I thought why not, but I don’t feel like I am in any way an expert on monochrome images, or black and white, so I am going to get the discussion going, and like we did with other discussions, like common mistakes newbies make, I will talk about what I do and give some ideas and hopefully other people will keep adding to the discussion. What happens, I will start the conversation.  The first part is how to choose an image, and the second part will be about how to convert them to black and white.….” 


Eric Kim  Writes about his experiences of Shooting Medium-Format Film in Street Photography “...after a long trip in Stockholm, Dubai, and London I wanted to share some of my experiences shooting medium-format (Hasselblad 501c + 80mm lens and Mamiya 7 + 80mm lens) for street photography (and traveling in general).

To start off, I have been really fascinated with shooting square-format photographs recently. To be honest, my first real fascination with shooting squares was from Instagram…… 

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“I Bring You Spring” D3200