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A view from above of Drapetsona harbor, Sunset. D3200

From Dusk Till Dawn


The Tight Fisted Photographer  writes a post about amateur photography, consumerism and marketing bullying.Using an Imaginary user named KIM. .She writes “‘….She buys an entry level DSLR, because everyone does.  Her photography doesn’t improved particularly at first, but she is intelligent and competent, and masters the controls of her DSLR.  In that pursuit, she picks up shiny photography magazines from the superstore.  They tell her, what she already feared.  In order to improve further, she needed to buy a better lens..…..” 

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Daniel Schaefer returns with a followup to his immensely popular article ‘The Storytellers Kit’. This time discussing what type of body can be used to achieve the look you are aiming for. 
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At  I ve read an article about Film vs. Digital through RA Friedman’s Look. I found the examples used quite nice and I would like to point them out to you.
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“Untamed Nature” D3200