Photo from the first days of WW2

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Greece entered WW2 at 28th of Oct 1940, after the Italians demanded surrender and Ioannis Metaxas answered “NO”. This small word was the united Greek Nation’s answer from the same moment. My grandfather was listed immediately From Koroni to Kalamata and then Athens. The first photo is from Athens (date unknown), the Second is from Albania at the 11th of Nov 1940, just 10 days after the declaration of war. He send my grandmother Dimitra the 2nd photo with a short note on the back. “My Dearest Dimitra I send you my photo for remembering me your husband, Nikolaos Douralas” 1940_Nov_7th

1940_11_07 WW2 (2) full_

1st Photo is from Athens before leaving for the Albanian Frontier

1940_11_07 WW2 (5) full_

1940_11_07 WW2 (1) full_

Photo from the Albanian front 1940 Nov 7th

1940_11_07 WW2 (3) full_

I would like to celebrate this National Day by remembering those who fought against all odds for our freedom. I hope we get inspired by them today.

  1. Great blog and post! I’ve always been fascinated by World War II, including the Greek Theater and how bravely they fought against the Germans. Your grandfather must have been a great man! He’s part of World War II folklore now. My mom and dad were in the Navy during World War II, and married after the war. My best wishes. Tim

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    • N.Douralas says:

      Thank you Tim for your kind words. I am really glad you enjoyed the post. Yes WW2 was a pivotal point in time and those of us who have heard these stories from the lips of our own people are blessed and “cursed” with the task of remembrance.

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      • Yvonne says:

        Hi Niko
        Is your family from Chrysokellaria? My grandmother was Filanthi Dourala and died when my father was only 2 years old in 1938. My grandfather was then killed in Albania in WW2 only 2 years later so my father and his brother were orphaned. I am wondering if perhaps our grandparents are related.


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