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Minh Thein  At her blog writes a post about What makes an interesting image. .She writes “‘….Something is visually interesting if it holds our attention and demands some degree of conscious contemplation or consideration. There can be many reasons for this; most of it has to do with personal biases and preferences – what do you like, subject-wise? What do you like, atmosphere (i.e. light)-wise? Hold this thought for a moment.There are two parts that make up a photograph, or any visual image: the subject, and the presentation. The subject is of course whatever the image is about; what is the focus? What is supposed to draw the attention of the audience. I think this is relatively straightforward, except in cases where the intended subject doesn’t match the obvious one…..” 

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At I read an article about RAW Vs JPEG , it was written in 2012 but still was interesting and had visual examples of different situations. 


JR Smith  Writes “…My photography has taken me on a bit of a journey these past five or so years. An adventure that, on occasion, has taken me down a few unexpected roads. Like instant photography. Or shooting the Hasselblad system. Lately, I find the journey has begun to take me right back where I started from…… 

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Eclipse 2015_03_20

“Eclipse” D3200



Angelina  At writes a post about 10 reasons to move to Sydney. .She writes “‘….Australia has been rated as one of the top 10 countries in the world to visit on many occasions and on its east coast you will find its most famous city, Sydney.
Sydney is widely known for its paradise beaches and for its multiculturalism, with over 250 languages spoken daily…..”
I may not move to Sydney but I would love to visit it.

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Iberieli  writes in reverse psychology 35 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD not VISIT GEORGIA. He writes actually about the reasons you SHOULD visit Georgia.


Zorki Photo  Writes “Most photographers end up shooting the majority of their pics in bright sunlight. No great mystery there – we have our cameras with us when we’re on holiday or out on bright, sunny days. Photography needs light, and these conditions present us with a feast. But it’s not the best light for photography. Hard, overhead summer sun creates deep black shadows – great, perhaps, if you’re shooting a colourful street scene, but ugly if you’re attempting portraits; the overhead sun creates hard blacks even under eye sockets…..

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“Apocalypto” D3200


JIM GREY  Writes a post right from his heart about What was and what could be, life lessons and photography.He writes “‘….It was 1990. I was 22 and didn’t know myself yet. Who does at 22? College was less than a year behind me; I had gone to work. Trying to figure out what it meant to be an adult, I mimicked what I saw growing up. My parents went to work come hell or high water, even when sick, even in treacherous weather. The ice storm had blown hard all night. The radio said that roads were dangerous. Dutifully, I drove to work anyway….”

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JR Smith  writes “On Monday, during a staff meeting, I made a reference to Fleetwood Mac. Our 20 year old marketing assistant looked at me with an empty, glassy-eyed stare. She had no idea what I was talking about. Our 40 year old company president was quick to jump in…”They were a rock band in the 70s. Doobie Brothers? The Who? Steely Dan? Jethro Tull?” It wasn’t until he mentioned Led Zeppelin that she had any idea what we were talking about……..”
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Francois Dourlen  is a French photographer who has found the best use for an iPhone yet.While the rest of us spend our days taking selfies, Francois Dourlen has been putting his iPhone to much better use. Using film stills displayed on his iPhone screen, the 31-year-old history teacher from Cherbourg, France, transplants iconic movie scenes and characters into every day situations.

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NIKON F75 (22)

Nikon F75 ,Lucky SHD 100

B&W Spring


Paul Schofield  Following on from his ‘what’s the point in taking pictures‘ article, Paul now ponders the question many wonder. What is the point of film? Well, let’s see shall we?

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Ming Thein  writes ““On one hand, the proliferation of mobile phone cameras and social media has meant that there is no end to the number of throwaway images being generated and instantly shared online; on the other, it seems to be harder and harder for somebody with ‘serious’ looking equipment to take an image of anything without arousing suspicion. Is it just me, or is the world’s paranoia entirely misplaced?…….”


Leanne Cole Writes about tripods ,how usefull they are and how to choose them.She says “…If you are serious about photography then there is one piece of equipment that is almost as important as your camera and lens; your tripod. There are many different types of photography that you might do where it is essential that you have a tripod. Then there are types where you don’t need it all, and some where it would be better if you used it, but it isn’t absolutely necessary. Some photographers value their tripods and will make sure they get something that is good and sturdy. Others think they aren’t so important and just get something cheap and basic…..”

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OM20 Zuiko 50mm f1.8 Kodak ProImage 100

Building Blocks


Austin Rogers  talks about  the benefits  of adding an analog point and shoot camera in your “photo-diet” .“…I’m not one prone to hyperbole. I don’t easily get caught up in gear hype. However, I can whole-heartedly say that my decision to purchase and shoot with a little army of film point and shoot cameras early last year was easily the best decision I made for both my personal work and my own growth as a photographer.”

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Sam Byford  writes ““You’re crazy,” a senior manager at a major camera company told me today. We were talking at CP+, Japan’s biggest photo event, and I’d just shown him the camera gear that I was using for the day’s coverage. It all used film — not a digital sensor in sight…….”


Angelina Hue Writes about the Rule of thirds and how it can be broken she says “…When I first got interested in photography some 15 years ago, I borrowed books on photography at the library. I don’t remember much about what I read except that one of the basic principles of good photo composition is the “rule of thirds”

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Perama“Contrast” D3200 & sigma AF Zoom Master 35-70mm f/3.5-4.5 By N.Douralas


Tiffany Mueller talks about  “…The story of Roger Steffens life is undoubtedly spellbinding. The kind of guy that could entertain a crowd for days on end simply talking about all his past adventures. In his memoirs you might encounter the telling of the part of his life he spent working in an army psychological operations unit after being drafted into the Vietnam war, an era that marked the beginning of his love affair with photography. “


Chris Gambat  writes “Though street photographers love to talk about the cameras that they own, they also love geeking out even more about the older cameras that those before them used. While the best camera is the one that you have on you, certain snappers are the ones that discerning street photographers dream of. These cameras are also all film–and it only makes sense. For years, street photographers swore an allegiance to Kodak Tri-X, Ilford Delta 400, and many others that gave them the look that they knew and loved……”


Katherine Brooks writes about “…On October 24, 1946, the world was introduced to the first photograph from space, a shot of our tiny planet taken 65 miles above Earth. The artist behind this iconic image was a V-2 rocket, programmed to capture a frame every 1.5 seconds before delivering a steel cassette of film back to the ground just minutes after it launched. “

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Black Square

Black Square , D3200 & Nikkor MF 35-70mm zoom f:3.5-4.8


Trojan_Llama talks about  “…35mm film to 120 size converters from Ebay..” made in 3D printer and allows you to use 35mm film in your old 120mm camera.

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Leanne Cole  writes “Up for Discussion: Why We Blog….I started a blog for a couple of reasons, one was because I was photographing cycling and trying to sell the photos……”


Angelina Hue recalls her trip to Nepal in her post  Into Thin Air. she says “…I was reminded of Into Thin Air by a photo that I took in December 1998 at the Annapurna Base Camp in Nepal”

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEPL5 & M42-m42 Adapter & Industar 50-2 f3.5