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Posted: November 22, 2014 in 50s, b&w, fleamarket, PHOTOGRAPHY, postcard

Flea Market Vintage Postcards

50s Black and White Photography


I picked up from my 90 year old friend (flea market veteran) Mr Alekos one 1947 photograph that caught my eye and some 50s German postcards in EF condition. The BW photos are stuning and the quality of the paper is excellent 12pcs (some are duplicate copies ) for 5 USD i believe it was a steal.
I hope you will Enjoy them as much as I did.

Photo marked on the back 1947 with name “Simos”

BW German Postcard “Tulips”

BW German Postcard “Cry Baby, Cry”

BW German Postcard “Roses”

BW German Postcard “Engagement Photo”

BW German Postcard “Blonde Babe”

BW German Postcard “Kids”

BW German Postcard “Baby Boy”

BW German Postcard “Brunettes are Better”

All the titles for the Postcards are my descriptions, as they managed to capture my Imagination.

Thanks again for reading my posts.

Happy Shooting.