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The Industar 50-2 f3.5, is a very small pancake M42 lens, its very small in size and with an M42-m43 adapter on my EPL5 is not bigger than the stock 14-42mm kit lens. It is a bit heavier since the Industar is metal. It is easy to focus through the back screen at least in adequate lighting. The changing of the aperture can be tricky if you haven’t used it again. Because the aperture ring is the threaded ring at the front of the lens and is relatively difficult to use without accidentally changing focus at the same time. It is a clumsy design. If any filters are used then they would effectively be threaded into the aperture ring, making it difficult to use a polarizing filter as the filter would be affected if either the aperture or focus is changed.

The m42-m43 adapter is a metal adapter that can be easily bought from eBay for 5usd.

Here are a few shots that i took yesterday.










Today is Valentines Day, so I would like to say happy Valentines Day to all the people in love. Also I would like to point that we should remember love everyday of our lives as it is obvious that its one of the tings that matter most but we often forget it.

For the following photos I used an Olympus EPL5 & M42-m43 adapter & Industar 50-2 f3,5 USSR lens.

Valentines Day

Valentines Day


Happy Valentines Day,Everyday.


Some Info on The Industar 50-2:

The Industar-50 was a screw-mount lens for 35mm rangefinder cameras. The lenses were made since 1959 by KMZ, mainly as M39 39mm screw-mount standard lens for the Zorki camera series. Older variants (ancient Leica lens style) were made by LZOS. An M42 variant Industar-50-2 for SLRs was available. This variant is popular for use as “pan-cake” lens on modern SLR bodies by means of an M42 screw-mount adapter. The Industar-50 was a 50mm f3.5 lens, derived from Zeiss’s Tessar 4-element lens. It was nicknamed the “Eagle’s eye”. Its brand name Industar was used for all similar 4-element/3-group lens constructions of the whole soviet photo-optical industry.


Recently I bought an Olympus EPL-5 mirror less, in order to replace my Olympus E420 that i gave as a gift this Christmas. The purpose of this new system was to be the lightweight digital companion of my Nikon D3200. The size/weight and the ability to use with adapters my collection of old manual lenses was a decisive factor for this purchase. I wont write a review over the EPL5, it has been done many times and I believe I wouldn’t add anything new to the matter. The only thisng that I would say is that it is a well made camera that is value for money but still has its limitations. I am sure that I wouldn’t sell my DSLR to stick with only the mirror less system.


As I said I was interested in using the available adapters with my vintage glass with this digital body. The first adapter that arrived was the FOTGA OM to M43 Adapter.

fotga om fotga om b


★Made of Brass And Aluminum
★Lens lock / release and stop screw
★Solid metal mount lens adapter allows Olympus OM lens use on M4/3.
★Focus infinity
★Meter Exposure Functions
★There is no ROM connection on the ring so diaphragm control of the lens is set manually
★It is possible to use macro rings and other accessories
★Fine finishing! Install, remove and operate lens smoothly!


It is a solid made adapter with nice finish that securely locks the lens on the m43 body. The lens that I tested was a Zuiko 50mm F1.8.

Although it was a very cloudy day I managed to take some photos at my work break.

EPL5 + FOTGA OM to M43 + ZUIKO 50mm f1.8

EPL5 + FOTGA OM to M43 + ZUIKO 50mm f1.8

EPL5 + FOTGA OM to M43 + ZUIKO 50mm f1.8

EPL5 + FOTGA OM to M43 + ZUIKO 50mm f1.8

EPL5 + FOTGA OM to M43 + ZUIKO 50mm f1.8

EPL5 + FOTGA OM to M43 + ZUIKO 50mm f1.8

EPL5 + FOTGA OM to M43 + ZUIKO 50mm f1.8

EPL5 + FOTGA OM to M43 + ZUIKO 50mm f1.8

All The photos are using the in-camera art preset programs and are resized for blog usage.

All the photos are shot with the lens in aperture 8.

Infinity is not where it is supposed to be, through back screen focusing is really easy.

Bottom line it is fun to use such an adapter and the old lenses with the EPL5 or any other mirror less body. Give it a try.

Here are some test shots with my Nikon D3200 using The MD/Nikon Infinity Adapter and my new Vivitar MD 28mm f2.5 Auto-Wide Angle ⌀67mm.

The shots above where shot with having in mind to create bokeh and out of focus light effects

Then I took the setup to the road. In continuation of my visit of street art at Drapetsona I tried to capture some more Graffiti. This area is residential with many industrial relics situated next to the sea.

Also I took some shots of the old factories and the old rotten fishing boats.


Overall I am very happy with the lens,I want to try it in some macro without the use of the adapter with the optical element and also with my film Minolta XG1.

365 Project Day 4

Day 4 Today of the 365 Project. Last week was Tough, time was very limited if terms of opportunities to take quality photos.But that is the meening of the 365 Project you have to make the best out out of every single opportunity you have.
Today I received another OM lens The Super Danubia Multicoated 28mm f2.8. Price 13euro Including Postage…..nice!

I had it with me the whole day, and on my way from office i popped it on my E420 and here is my Day 4 Photo.
Of course this weekend i am gonna test it extensively. So Stay Tuned… 
DAY 4 “Oil Refinery, Scaramangas” E420 & Super Danubia 28mm MV f2.8
Plus Mystery item photo,received today again (4Euros Incl Postage)
“Stay tuned” E420&SUPER DANUBIA

365 Project Day 3

Day 3
Christmas Tree is Ready, 
Olympus E420
OM to 4/3 Adapter
Auto Optomax 28mm f2.8
“The Elf Is Back, Merry Christmas!”  

365 Project , Day 2

Olympus E420
OM to 4/3 Adapter
Auto Optomax 28mm f2.8
“Join the Club, Canadian Club”