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Saving Film Cameras from oblivion,what a bargain !

Last Sunday at the local flea market i found 2 film cameras that i just needed to add to my little collection. I always had a crash for the Yashica Electro 35 GSN, since it was a camera that my dad had and i always fancied it’s retro look.

This camera was in such a nice condition shiny that caught my eye. The lens was clear and smooth, since it had a dead battery i took the risk to test it afterwards at home. The price 20 euros was good and the seller through in a Rollei flash unit E15 (no charger unfortunatelly). After putting a DIY 4 LR44  pack the camera came to life. Testing with film on the way.

But then i layed my eyes to a small 50s camera a Halina 35X, Labeled Empire made , 1959, Hong Kong

Shiny clean, but stiff focucing ring, but 5 euros. Classy/Nerdy paperweight? What the heck I will take my chances.

BONUS= Film inside, waiting for update. Also a film to be tested in.

I am a photography enthusiast, that finds any attempt to capture our world on any form, film or digital fascinating.

Dont be afraid to use any means available, such as smartphones, digital of film cameras even a pen and paper.