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I finally developed a roll shot with the Nikon FM10,that I had acquired last month. I wanted to have the camera tested so I used Kodak ProImage 100 that I had bought in bulk. I only had done an experimental development in B&W chemistry Rodinal semi stand.I was eager to get the results and since the shooting took place In a cloudy to rainy day in the woods I wasn’t so optimistic.I had pushed my luck,low ISO,low light and handheld. Here are the results.

The Witch

The Witch



Past My Time

Past my time



Face Me

Face me

Out There

Out there

Yellow in Green

Yellow in green

I Bow

I bow

I like the results and I am sure in better light will be better.The Nikon FM10 performed as expected.

Bottom Line ….Success get out and shoot.

Greece’s Ancient Sacred Olive Tree Fighting Rain and shadows.

It does now as it did before, as It Will in the future.

Greece's Ancient Sacred Olive Tree Fighting Rain and shadows.

D3200 | Nikkor MF 35-70mm zoom f:3.5-4.8