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I had a run again of the extra cheap B&W film Lucky SHD100 using the F75 with Sigma AF Zoom Master 35-70mm, Home brewed Rodinal and here are some results that I am no ashamed off. Added some Lightroom 5 magic and here we are….

2015_06_09 shd100 F75 (14)

“Walk The Line” Salamina, Restis Nikon F75, Lucky SHD100,Sigma AF 35-70mm Rodinal 1:100 Semistand 60min

Salamina Restis

Salamina Restis

Salamina Restis

Salamina Restis

Salamina Restis

Salamina Restis

Salamina Kinosoura

Salamina Kinosoura

Salamina Kinosoura

Salamina Kinosoura

 Today, I really wanted to get out and take some photographs. I had loaded two film cameras and my new EPL5 was ready from last night. The weather was not my ally, it was rainy ,low light with wind. But no despair I had to try taking some shots, so later in the morning the weather seemed to calm a bit (only a bit ) and I was able to take some shots with my Olympus OM-10,with its manual adapter. I had loaded a roll of Kodak ProImage 100 colour film that I bought in bulk from Malaysia.
After I took some shots the weather started to deteriorate so I returned and since i was eager to see that I had accomplished I wanted to try develop a colour film in B&W Chemistry I had read that It could be done.
I did a stand development in Rodinal 1:100 and I plan to do more testing in 1:50 and in 1:25. The results were a really dense looking negative that only under light showed an image. After scanning it I had in my hands some images that for sure where usable. I scanned as colour negative and then in LR5 turned into B&W. A bit sharpening and some contrast and highlight manipulation. Some of the results are following. I know that the weather was awfull and the shots where taken under pressure so I have higher expectations for the future testing of this film in B&W chemistry and in C-41.

That is a 1:1 ,half frame crop of the negative scan.

I am a son of a retired merchant marine captain. My father started his career in 1965 and one of the first ships he embarked was a Liberty type. Liberty ship type was a very popular type during and after WWII and was the cornerstone of the Greek Maritime Industry that helped the Greek nation to come out of the ashes of the destructive Second World War.
“Hellas Liberty”
One of the 3 last remaining Liberty ships in the world is located at Piraeus port and serves as a Museum. It is called HELLAS LIBERTY. This one that I visited by chance (I didn’t know its existence) was originally named SS Arthur M. Huddell, and was built in Jacksonville.The Huddell was launched Dec. 7, 1943, the second anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

In 2008 the decision was made to rehabilitate the ship. The reconstruction was finished in 2010, and since then has become part of a maritime museum in the harbor at Piraeus, near Athens.

I stumbled across the ship while i was trying to find more graffiti to capture within the harbor. I asked if the ship was open for the public (which it was,with no admittance fee) and started taking some photos until I run out of film.


I talked to the guard and he offered to take me down to the engineering room.But since had no more film with me I decided to revisit it in the near future and also bring my son with me to explore it further next week.


Maps Room
Maps Room

Captains Station

View From Command Station

Fire Control

Rudder Angle


Here are 3 articles about the Specific Ship and also the history behind the Liberty Type and their mass production.

Ships Diagram

Emergency Axe

Museum Entrance

Cameras Used 

  • Fujica STX1, Fujinon Lens 50mm f1.9
  • Olympus OM-10, Zuiko 50mm F1.8


  •  Lucky SHD 100 B&W
Recently i bought a dead OM-10, after resurecting it I wanted to do a testing on how she handles auto and manual setup. I used a super cheap Lucky SHD 100 Chinese B&W film. I Snaped a few qick shots, Developed with Rodinal 1:100 Semistand and it seems it works pretty well.

As you can see the results seem consistent.

The scans where done wirh Canonscan Lide 700f, here are 3 examples a bit softened in LR5.

My favorite out of these 3, is number 2, which is yours?

Happy Shooting

Poor man’s B&W Development,Semi-Stand. Lazy Style

I cant STAND the fact that B&W development in my city might cost you “an arm and a leg”. So I SEMISTAND!!

 If you check my Flickr account you will see that I have most of my B&W film photography done myself using the semistand development procedure. It all started when i was unable to find a developing service in my city (Athens and Pireaus) within logical cost range. Since I hate being ripped off, i embarked in the journey of Rodinal 1:100 semistand development.

To have a complete guide how to DIY develop your B&Wfilms at home low cost,easily. Chect this link out. By jbhildebrand.
Check also this video tutorial by Alexander Snay
Here are some of my results
Batman The Beginning
If it works for me I’m sure it will work for you. I hope that will help you to save time and money for getting more film and get out there.
Happy Shooting.