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My post today is not about photography but music.
The people who know me know that a sentimental person that is highly attached too its roots.
Today I heard a song at the radio that made me recall a discussion that I had with my late grandfather when I was 12 years old. At that time (and even know) among other things I loved rock music. My grandfather although an open minded person could not understand this sound. He was dedicated to traditional Greek music (folk NOT Buzuki). The sound of klarino and the lirics of the traditional music filled with heroic deeds,pain and loss was  THE MUSIC for him. I could understand why (although not In its full extent) and I was telling him that Traditional Greek Folk songs are the equivalent to metal in my ears and my heart.
The point of this post is that this almost forgoten statement of mine,came in official fullfillement in my ears  in the sounds of a Greek group called Villagers of Ioannina City (VIC or V.I.C.). Which is a folk rock band from Ioannina, Greece, formed in 2007. They play a unique kind of post, stoner and psychedelic rock with a healthy dose of greek folk music from the region Epirus. The regional musical tradition is characterized by polyphony, specific rhythms and tunes and the use of clarinet. The band fuses folklore music with modern psychedelic forms, creating a unique sound where the dominant solo instrument is the clarinet.
The song that made me write this post is titled  What Bad / Tι Κακό.
        Τι Κακο                                                                           What Bad
Τι κακό έκανα ο καημένος                                                What Bad have I done the poor guy
και με λένε όλοι φονιά                                                       And everybody call me a murdered

Μήνα σκότωσα κανένα                                                      Did I kill Anyone?
μήνα φίλησα καμιά                                                             Did I kiss some one?

Στην απάνω γειτονιά μου                                                   In my neighbourhood uptown
αγαπώ καί ΄γω μία νιά                                                        I love me too,a young

Τ΄όνομα της δεν το ξέρω                                                    Her name I dont know
Τούρκα είναι γιά Ρωμιά                                                       Is she Turk or Greek?

The lyrics of this TRADITIONAL FOLK SONG adapted by V.I.C from Greek to english is a free adaptation from me for those who dont know Greek.
For me their sound is capivating, if you like them visit their page.