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I found some scans from old prints from the summer of 1990, an amazing summer with my brother, sister and cousins. Shot against the sun with my old Zenit 11. Bad photographs (it had been one of my first rolls… ever) but great moments. I wish I find the negatives to see better results from my scanner.

It must have been love but its not over now.

Back in the early 90s (1990 or 1991), my dad returned from a trip to Russia and brought me my first real camera. A Zenit 11, 2 lenses and some filters. The lenses where a Helios 44M-4 f2 58mm and a  Pentacon auto 4/200MC. The memories from this camera are priceless and thats the reason I will never sell it. 

The Zenit 11 is a m42 Pentax mount SLR camera manufactured in Russia by KMZ.

The Zenit 11 is a solidly-built camera with essentially the same Leica type cloth shutter as earlier Soviet rangefinder and SLR cameras. It has an external selenium meter mounted on the prism front above the lens. The meter isn’t coupled to the camera. The Zenit uses the M42 Pentax screw-mount lens which means there is a variety of lenses from all over the world that will fit it. Partially depressing the shutter release stops down the lens. Additional pressure releases the shutter .

Produced: 1981-1990

Name: „Зенит-11“

Producer: KMZ/BeLomo

Frame size: 24×36.

Lens: Helios-44M  2/58.

Shutter: 1/30s-1/500s + B.

Quantity: ±1.500.000 units.


Original price (in year 1986) 140 roubles.

The shutter has a nice satisfying loud clunk and it’s impossible to take sneaky shots because even people across the river can hear you.
Never the less I had almost 8 years to use it,so yesterday I decided to take for a walk. I had a red filter to mount  and test with some B&W film. The feel was exactly like the first time i touched it. The shutter sound was loud and I understood that i had missed it. The film advance was smooth and I knew that Father time was good for this little(sort of speak) camera. 

I was so excited that I forgot about the external meter and I didn’t compensate for the red filter so most of the shots came out underexposed but still WE had some good moments.

I see you CAN you see me?

After all maybe I just wanted an excuse for another walk with my trusted Zenit. 
You can find easily an old Zenit (they are dirt cheap). Also if you like old cameras that will outlive us and wont mess you head with “mambo Jumbo tech” and let you focus on photography give it a try.