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Rusty Ghost Graffiti, Helios 44M and Canon 500D


Aspects of self:
    1.) Unity – despite having a wide variety of sensory experiences, you feel as if you are a whole.
    2.) Continuity – we experience a continual life.  We can track and remember our progress, which is unique.
    3.) Embodiment – the ability to discriminate “my hand” from “your hand.” However, we can also be tricked into experiencing our body from a different location.  This is also profoundly disturbed by some diseases.
    4.) Privacy – Qualia and mental life are your own, unobservable by others.  You can empathize with someone else, but you can’t physically experience what they do.
    5.) Social embedding – your interpersonal share of histories shapes your emotions and views.  There are many emotions that would make no sense without social embedding.  Such things as pride, arrogance, vanity, etc.  These are all based on social relationships, but sometimes these flow over to inanimate objects.  You get mad at computers, tree branches, the stock market, etc..  Social embedding is also the basis of religion.  The self “needs” to feel part of a social environment in which it can interact. side note to discuss: mental retardation, autism, aspbergers, introversion, etc.???
    6.) Free Will – We don’t yet know how this works, but we do know specific brain regions (supramarginal gyrus, and of course, the anterior cingulate.)  Supramarginal gyrus helps conjure up and envisage different courses of action while the anterior cingulate gives you desire.
    7.) Self-awareness – you are aware of being aware! The whole idea of consciousness!!

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Relics of a long lost era.The spirit keeps its back to the outside world and insists on living in the past. He keeps his eyes nailed on the worn graffiti on the wall.The lost love that dies slowly with him. Trapped in time and space. In Love…

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Until recently I was a proud owner of a Nikon D3200 an entry DSLR and an Olympus E-PL5 a mirror-less handy backup camera. I was extremely happy with my D3200 solid built and generally great value for money, but I wasn’t happy how it coped with low light situations and its video performance was just good in challenging situations. (in my eyes). As for the E-PL5 was very handy in terms of size-portability, stealth etc. Photo quality good and video a bit better than the D3200. I was finding myself not using as frequent the E-PL5  as time passed. Also I wanted to make a step forward with my gear and focus on one brand (Nikon in my Case) and later invest a bit more money in good brand lenses.

So it was time for liquidation… there goes the D3200 and the E-PL5 and with the help of a good friend of mine Fotographer Kostas Nousis, I managed to get my hands on a brand new D7200 at a great price.


Why did I choose D7200?? Well…

First of all it houses a EXPEED 4 processor, WiFi & NFC included as well as much improved buffer to hold more images before you have to wait for the files to write to the memory card. Also Rugged, weather-sealed body. Great ergonomics and loads of controls. Accurate optical viewfinder. Excellent image quality. Decent burst speed. Swift auto-focus. Superb battery life. Twin cards with ability to backup which adds safety to your photo shoots.

What the improvements really mean is that you’ll be able to take 3x the number of photos (compared to the D7100) before you are waiting on the camera to finish writing, and you’ll be able to use much higher ISO’s with acceptable performance. How high is subjective and need to be seen in action.


Check Detailed specifications from Ken Rockwell site.

Back to my case , last Friday afternoon I knew it had arrived to my friend and I was to receive it next Saturday morning….. I tell you it was an uneasy night.

When I got the box with the body in my hands nothing could stop me not even the cold that I had the last days. A few minutes charging the battery, attached the kit lens I had from my D3200, 18-55mm VR and 10 minutes later I had my first shots in my hands.

It not a proper test, its not even close to some quality photos from myself. But…. i was so excited that i wanted to share something from the Day One of what I hope to be a long relationship. Enough words here are some shots.

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You Can See more in my Flickr Album D7200 Day One.