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Full Moon and Semi Eclipse, D7200, Tamrom 18-200

Full Moon with partial eclipse, August 2017. As Seen from Chiliadou, Nafpaktos Greece

DSC_5802 small Jpeg

Walking down the street saw this girl in a semi-light alley, I took the shot with my D7200 and the Nikon 35mm, since no focus was available i had to rely on steady hand, luck and crop power. I really like it I hope you too. I also wanted to link this image with a summer song by Foreigner. ¨Waiting for a girl like you¨. although she must be waiting for a man like you… lol.


Look, I am Lucky Look

Look, I am Lucky Look, D3200

Snapshots of a night in a small Luna Park at Nafpaktos Beach, August 2015

Nikon D3200 and Nikkor 18-55 VR f3.5

DSC_5713-1 DSC_5714-2 DSC_5715-3 DSC_5725-4