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Άκαπνο ψεύτη  αρχηγό  έχουνε βάλει

δεκαπέντε της δυστυχίας μας καπλάνια

τη γειτονιά  ματοκυλήσανε  και παλι

για δήθεν  δίκαιο , ηθική , στείλαν φιρμάνια.


Πάντοτε τα συμφέροντα… κι εσύ  κοιμήσου.

Ο νταβατζής  του κόσμου  σκύφτε διατάζει.

Λόγια παχυά  παράλογα , ξύπνα ντροπή σου.

…Συμφέροντα δικά του πρώτα . Σε πειράζει ;


Χωρίς  μνήμη  μικροί με σπαστή μέση .

Αρχές πουλούν ξεδιάντροπα  ξεχνούν ιστορία

Ευρώπη ξύπνα βγάλε παρωπίδες φέσι .

Είναι καιρός ακόμη να αλλάξει  πορεία.


Κ.Δουράλας ( Ασίνιος )




Aspects of self:
    1.) Unity – despite having a wide variety of sensory experiences, you feel as if you are a whole.
    2.) Continuity – we experience a continual life.  We can track and remember our progress, which is unique.
    3.) Embodiment – the ability to discriminate “my hand” from “your hand.” However, we can also be tricked into experiencing our body from a different location.  This is also profoundly disturbed by some diseases.
    4.) Privacy – Qualia and mental life are your own, unobservable by others.  You can empathize with someone else, but you can’t physically experience what they do.
    5.) Social embedding – your interpersonal share of histories shapes your emotions and views.  There are many emotions that would make no sense without social embedding.  Such things as pride, arrogance, vanity, etc.  These are all based on social relationships, but sometimes these flow over to inanimate objects.  You get mad at computers, tree branches, the stock market, etc..  Social embedding is also the basis of religion.  The self “needs” to feel part of a social environment in which it can interact. side note to discuss: mental retardation, autism, aspbergers, introversion, etc.???
    6.) Free Will – We don’t yet know how this works, but we do know specific brain regions (supramarginal gyrus, and of course, the anterior cingulate.)  Supramarginal gyrus helps conjure up and envisage different courses of action while the anterior cingulate gives you desire.
    7.) Self-awareness – you are aware of being aware! The whole idea of consciousness!!

William Blake, 17571827

Ah! sunflower, weary of time,
Who countest the steps of the sun,
Seeking after that sweet golden clime
Where the traveller’s journey is done;

Where the youth pined away with desire,
And the pale virgin shrouded in snow,
Arise from their graves and aspire;
Where my sunflower wishes to go.


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D7200, Nikon 18-55 VR