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Relics of a long lost era.The spirit keeps its back to the outside world and insists on living in the past. He keeps his eyes nailed on the worn graffiti on the wall.The lost love that dies slowly with him. Trapped in time and space. In Love…

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Watch carefully the photo below… What do you See?

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Let me help you, in my recent visit to an old abandoned factory I noticed a hole in the floor around 60cm diameter. Beneath around 6 meters bellow there it was a worker hard hat was lying over the ruble. Rust,rumble abandoned factory click….DOf perception games…We have a winner…in my eyes. Do you like it?

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Burned, D7200, Nikon 18-55mm VR

Walking down the beach on that cloudy day, I saw two giant winches, parts of old cranes.

They laid down in the beach facing each other.

In my mind these giant old rusty machinery looked like 2 dinosaurs sleeping after a deadly battle.