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Remember that Yashica Electro 35 GSN I recently found in a flea market?
Well I just had to test it. I had shot a few photos within the week , the Lucky SHD100 36 exposures was midway, SOLUTION?
Cut the exposed frames and dump them in Rodinal 1:100. And 60minutes later.

Success IMHO. I like to use LR5 and i wanted to give a dreamy look to them.

But then someting hit me. I did a google search for graffiti at Drapetsona area and i found a nice Article about their story. They are a part of an international graffiti festival that took place June 2014.
I find the article interesting and the photos of the graffities gradual completion nice.Also see them in the article in the colourful edition and then compare them with my proccessing.

The Article   Meeting of Styles

Thanks again for your time, take care.
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