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When I started taking photos I never had thought of selling any of my photos. As I returned to photography more actively the last 3 years,I believe I made a few steps forwards.Some photos started to get out of the bunch and friends and family or colleagues every now and then picked out one or two and said “Nice photos, I bet you could sell them..”. Still nobody was buying.

Anyway, today I received an email from a jentleman from Vancouver who told me that he wanted to buy a photo that he had seen in my flickr account.He wanted to print it and use it for decorating a new restaurant that he was opening. Just print for wall no advertising involved.The fact that my pctures in flickr are not downlodable and not in full size I thing that might have helped, or not. I made a bill of sale for the image stating the usage and withholding further rights.

Pricing? Headache. How much do you charge for your first sale? No advertising just print. A round number ,100Euro I said. A fair price I think. Paypal fees 4.5% so 95euro in hand and another lens on its way for my D3200.

The photograph comes from my athens walk at Tsisdarakis Mosque,Athena and the photograph is named “The Time Traveler“.

The Time TravelerThe Time Traveler

I am happy for my first “sale”,not for the money but for the fact someone took the time and put the effort to choose my photo out of many others for putting in public display. It wont change my approach over this hobby of mine but surelly has given me a push forward.

I would love to hear your thoughts on my story,or even share your experiences.