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Another pic from my walk down Thision. A multicolor vibrant T-shirt wallpaper. Enjoy it.

DSC_0629 small

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Timeless, Moments. Athens Streets D7200

D72_0654 small

White and blue, my flag the Sky, D7200

D72_0652 small

Burned, D7200, Nikon 18-55mm VR

Thisio again busy streets ,split second decisions, pushed from the back still I manage to SEE.

The Cult brass hand powered “HiFi” of  1900s set of on a car roof top.

Colorful background and bonus far right corner “Andy Warhol’s” Mannequin dancing ,Standing Still.

In the sounds of the city.

Breath in, Breath out… Click…Moment captured….Let it travel in time!!

D72_0670 small

Walking down the street, fully packed with people enjoying the rejuvenating Sun . The flea market has spilled its goods  and sellers in the surrounding streets. Yes Typical Sunday morning. Yet something caught my eye , camera up …Snap! Yes I captured a time capsule ..on wheels. I cherish the moment, I dig into the history pile… but that’s another story.

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The Stoa of Attalos (also spelled Attalus) was a stoa (covered walkway or portico) in the Agora of Athens, Greece. It was built by and named after King Attalos II of Pergamon, who ruled between 159 BC and 138 BC. The current building was reconstructed from 1952 -1956 by American architects.

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