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Walking down the street saw this girl in a semi-light alley, I took the shot with my D7200 and the Nikon 35mm, since no focus was available i had to rely on steady hand, luck and crop power. I really like it I hope you too. I also wanted to link this image with a summer song by Foreigner. ¨Waiting for a girl like you¨. although she must be waiting for a man like you… lol.



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Relics of a long lost era.The spirit keeps its back to the outside world and insists on living in the past. He keeps his eyes nailed on the worn graffiti on the wall.The lost love that dies slowly with him. Trapped in time and space. In Love…

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Another photo from my walk in the ruins of the old fertilizer Factory at Drapetsona.

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Another pic from my walk down Thision. A multicolor vibrant T-shirt wallpaper. Enjoy it.

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Most of the time when we see articles or photos of tourist locations such as Koroni Messinia we see the beauty of those places at summer time. Places filled with crowds of tourists, kids and life. How do these places look  when the crowds are gone and the sun is gone?

Trust me beauty is hidden in every corner.

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Koroni Castle March 2016

Koroni Castle March 2016
Garden of Eden

Koroni Castle March 2016
Wild Beauty

Koroni Castle March 2016
The Cross

Koroni Castle March 2016

Koroni Castle March 2016
Young Lady,Gone 1918

Koroni Castle March 2016
Dionysios Rallis ,Mayor

Koroni Castle March 2016
Against threatening Sky

Koroni Castle March 2016

Koroni Castle March 2016

Koroni Castle March 2016
We LIVE ..IN.. History, WE Breath Free..

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My Son The Sun

Posted: May 13, 2015 in ilford, poetry, sp1000


My Son The Sun, Lights the Way

The past is lost,I hear them Say.

Father forgive me, the Battle was Lost.

Cant Tell the Future, Cant get across.

Darkness in Shadows

Light in My Heart

The World is a Canvas and color my Son.

Childish Thoughts

Posted: May 11, 2015 in D3200, poetry, salamina, summer

Childish Thoughts

Childish Thoughts, Happy Dreams

Cant remember what it means

Manis walk, Broken Me

Lost myself by chasing dreams