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I found some scans from old prints from the summer of 1990, an amazing summer with my brother, sister and cousins. Shot against the sun with my old Zenit 11. Bad photographs (it had been one of my first rolls… ever) but great moments. I wish I find the negatives to see better results from my scanner.

Nikon D3200 and MD Minolta 50mm f2.0 

Using the MD/Nikon Adapter  (With Glass element, Infinty focusing).


Although I consider myself as an Olympus man i decided that my loyal E420 would get a DSLR mate. So  this summer i bought the Nikon D3200. After some search i decided that was the best value for money DSLR (at least for my budget). 
I wont get into technical details about the D3200, the internet if full of in depth technical analysis on the matter. 

I want to talk to you about the purejoy of using vintage manual lenses with a new DSLR. In this case i had a few Minolta lenses that I wanted to mount in the D3200 body.

The first lens was a MD Minolta 50mm f2, manual lens.

MD/NIKON Adapter.

So i found in Ebay this   Minolta MD MC Lens to NIKON DSLR Mount Adapter for 25USD. This adapter has an glass element which makes infinity focusing a reality.
The Package included:
  • Lens mount adapter x1
  • Front Lens Cap x1
  • Rear Lens Cap x1
 It is a solid constructed adapter, which came in a small white box, wrapped and with a silica bag attached.

Remember that D3200 cannot stop meter with old manual lenses so, Manual Mode, Sunny 16, Liveview and trial and error. But enough with thee mambo jumbo…..Let It Be Light!!

D3200+MD/NIKON Adapter+MD Minolta 50mm f2 Lens =

“Child’s play Bokeh” ISO 100 1.3s f2.8

“Child’s play Bokeh 2” ISO 100 1.3s f2

“Far Focus” ISO 3200 1/40 f2.8

“Near Focus” ISO 3200 1/40 f2.8

“Rose” ISO 200 1/80 f2.8

ISO 100 1/320 f5.6

ISO 100 1/320 f5.6

“Rotten Bench” ISO 100 1/250 f5.6

ISO 100 1/250 f5.6

“Analogue Blogger!” ISO 100 1.6s f2
The Pictuses are exactly as they came out of the camera, no “fine tuning”.
I believe they are quite nice, the lens was easy to focus (with the use of liveview much easier), the only set back was the old school metering.
The bokeh in my opinion is very nice, at f2.8 seems quite sharp. My Fave photo is the “The Rose”, the Bokeh hexagonals are beautiful. For 10 USD this lens is a pleasure to own, which will definitely give you value for your money.The Adapter is definitely a good buy as it opens a bright “Manual” world to explore.
For a review of this lens used with an other digital body check the following article.

 Minolta MD 50mm f/2 lens review

More manual lenses wait for testing. Stay Tuned!

Happy Shooting