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A small transcript of my grandfathers memoirs of the 1940-1941 Greek Italian war. As it was written by memory from my grandfather.( The page in the photo is in my own hand writing for a school project of my son).

” We reached the outpost, I was the first i got there. I laid on the left side of the outpost. I was getting shot from the flank as the Italians where shooting the outpost.. WATCH OUT!! they shouted at me from behind, So I didn’t get inside. There where two Sergeants and some soldiers , a sergeant wounded out there dug in. I could see at 200 meters the Italians running down the bushes. I called them to stop, 2-3 stayed and surrendered but the others slowly where trying to slide away. I raised my gun and took a shot, with the second one I got one of them. He fell down and shouted mostly not out of pain but because from the left the platoon of (the later on killed in action) Captain Schina ( He was afraid that they would finish him off). So I shouted out, (because he was yelling something sounding like asking for mercy), “STOP, He is wounded!!” They brought him over and I had shot him on the left side of the head over his eye. I put a bandage around his head and we encouraged him. I told him “For you the war is over

War memoirs 1940-1941 Nikolaos Douralas

Footnote. The Survived Italian soldier came to Athens, Chaidari around 30 years after the war along with his family to thank my granddad. Unfortunately he didn’t find him because he had returned to Koroni and didn’t have the chance to thank him first hand.

Comment: I am proud for the ethics of the Greek soldier in the heat of the battle and more proud that a member of my family acted accordingly.


Today we celebrated the “OXI” 1940s Greece’s entrance to the WW2 against Italy and the axis.

Today I was brave enough to take along my Olympus EPL5 and instead of using the standard kit lens I took with me the OM manual ZUIKO 50mm f1.8 and Lens filter B+W kr 1.5 Skylight.

Problems I new I would face where:

  • manual focusing
  • 50mm is 100mm equivalent in m4/3
  • fast moving crouds / kids
  • lack of space to move and compensate the large focal length

Still I had confidence, I had no pressure I wanted 4-5 good shots and to be able to get some video footage (old Style) of the overall parade.

I think I managed it….



2015 28th OCTOBER

2015 28th OCTOBER

2015 28th OCTOBER

2015 28th OCTOBER

2015 28th OCTOBER